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- Minette Fourie | Group Brand Manager

India is a country of contrasts.  From the poorest of the poor to the filthy rich, you will encounter polar opposites around every corner in this vibrant and colourful country. But despite the many variations on a theme, one thing remains true.  You will never find a more compassionate, caring and spiritual people than the Indians.  Their very way of life is entangled in the complex “give and take” around the concept of karma.

Karma.  For everything action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If you give, you will receive.

And boy, does India have lots to offer…  From the breath-taking beauty of the Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, to the gravity-defying skyscrapers popping up on the outskirts of bustling cities like Delhi and Mumbai.  A venerated river, the Ganges (or Mama Ganga, as the locals call it) that both takes and gives life, to a pantheon of gods in temples that tower over towns in vivid pinks, blues and green with the faces of monkeys and elephants.

The complete assault on your senses doesn’t stop with the visual.  Your taste buds will be truly titillated with cuisine that ranges from fiery jalfrezi to divinely creamy and smooth kormas.If you venture in the semi-desert Rajastan region you simply must try the smoky tandoori chicken –  A beautiful fusion of Indian cuisine meeting a South African “braai” flavour.

With the easy visa process and favourable exchange rate, India is a must-visit destination for the traveller that expects to go home richer than when they arrived.  It’s a destination that caters to all appetites – from the tropical beaches in the south to the remote mountainous regions in the north, you will be sure to find somewhere that speaks to your heart.

And I can assure you that nowhere else will you experience such bliss than on the rooftop terrace restaurant in the ancient walled city of Jaipur. The night air heavy with incense and the soft glow from the strings of fairy lights in the trees providing the perfect back-drop to the rhythmic drumming, dancing and singing from a time when the Maharajas and Maharanis ruled their kingdoms of riches;  All the while practising the concept of karma.

What you are willing to give India, you will receive back in abundance.

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